Wound Care

Wound care involves every stage of wound management. This includes diagnosing wound type, considering factors that affect wound healing, and the proper treatments for wound management. Once the wound is diagnosed and all factors are considered, the treatment facility can determine the best treatment options.

It is also about looking at the patient holistically and determining what is required for them as an individual. This may be using the knowledge in your team or the wider workforce in Leeds.

In Leeds, we support the use of the Leeds Wound Care product list which been developed by clinical staff from across Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust joint dressings group including colleagues from Community Tissue Viability, Acute Tissue Viability, Vascular, Dermatology, Plastics, Orthopaedics, Limb Salvage, Community Podiatry, Medicines Management, Pharmacy, Procurement and Radiology.

The Leeds Wound Care Product list (or the Leeds Wound Care Formulary) can be accessed here via the N3 network and gives examples of which dressings are the most appropriate for use on different wound types based on available clinical evidence and cost effectiveness. The PDF guidance document also covers the following:

  • Prevention and Management of Moisture Associated Skin (MASD) Damage guide
  • When antimicrobials should be used
  • The wound infection framework
  • The skin tear protocol
  • Suggested first line emollient choices

In Leeds we also have the NHS supply chain for ordering the dressings for wound care.

Clinician Information

Integrated Wound Clinics Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust – Integrated Clinics

Wound care formulary  Leeds Wound Formulary

Dressing choice PDF Choose dressing

Tissue Viability Service Tissue Viability Service

Wounds and wound care step by step guide Practice Nurse Journal


Elfh wound care – sign in to access. Wound Care Education for the Health and Care Workforce – elearning for healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk) 

Leeds Based Information

How to choose the correct dressing How to choose the correct dressing

Wound infection framework Wound infection framework

Wound cleansing guide Wound Cleansing Guide