Voice of Primary Care

Acting as a collective voice of general practice in Leeds is one of the chief purposes of our Confederation. We treat this duty with great care because it is done on behalf of and directed by our members.

Leeds GP Confederation is a core part of the Leeds Health and Care Partnership – the collective term for the spaces and places where health and care organisations work together to improve the health of people in Leeds. The Confed has a seat on our city’s Health and Wellbeing Board and Health and Care Partnership Executive Group which set the strategic direction for health and wellbeing in Leeds and oversee improvements.

The Confed also ensures the voice of general practice is represented across the Leeds Health and Care Partnership, including on Population Boards – where groups of people work together to make decisions for particular groups of people who have similar needs. Representatives on these boards ensure that general practice fulfils its crucial role in deciding how services are designed and delivered, how resources are spent, and how we collectively address challenges such as health inequalities.

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Your general practice representatives are:

Board Name Representative 
Leeds Health and Wellbeing BoardJim Barwick
Leeds Health and Care Partnership Executive GroupJim Barwick and Dr Chris Mills
Leeds Committee of the West Yorkshire ICBDr Chris Mills
Long-Term Conditions Population Board Dr Marcus Julier 
Frailty Population Board Dr James Worsfold 
End of Life Population Board Fazila Jumabhoy
Mental Health Population BoardDr Helen Poulter
Mostly Healthy Population Board Dr Amal Paul 
Children and Young People Population Board Andy Haigh 
Same-Day Response Care Delivery Board Fleur Waite 
Planned Care Delivery Board Dr Sagar Shangavi 
Learning Disability and Neurodiversity Care Delivery Board Meghana Pia
Maternity Care Delivery Board Dr Amal Paul
Cancer Care Delivery Board Dr Mitul Patel 

We want to ensure that all practices have the opportunity to share their opinions and be listened to. This is what informs the input of our representatives. We encourage practices and primary care networks to contribute to priorities and actively participate in decision making within the Leeds Health and Care Partnership through continuous communication and engagement.

There are two distinct parts to how we do this:

General Practice Assembly

Our General Practice Assembly helps us achieve our communication commitments and is open to all general practices, commissioners, close partners, and the local medical committee (LMC). 

The outcome of all GP Assembly meetings is to ensure clear communication of key information. But also, and importantly, to gather opinions relating to strategy and decisions being made by the place-based partnership arrangements in Leeds.

Voice Committee

Supporting the GP Assembly is a Voice Committee, made up of colleagues and clinical leaders from Leeds GP Confederation, LMC, and the ICB in Leeds. This Committee is not a representative or decision-making body. Rather it carries out the specific function of processing the outputs and opinions generated in the GP Assembly – and other forums too – and passing it to those with a mandate to represent general practice in the health and care partnership. To support this function, the Voice Committee sets the agenda for the General Practice Assembly and communicates what has happened as a result of the opinions shared there.