Voice of Primary Care

Acting as the collective voice of general practice in Leeds is one of the chief purposes of our confederation. We treat this duty with great care as it is done on behalf of and directed by our members.

We want to ensure that all practices have the opportunity to share their opinions and be listened to. We encourage practices and primary care networks to contribute to priorities and actively participate in decision making within the Leeds health and care system governance through continuous communication and engagement. 

General practice is a core part of the Leeds place-based partnership arrangements. It ensures we have a voice amongst other providers and that general practice is considered in all decisions affecting the city’s health.

There are two distinct parts to how we do this:

GP Assembly

Our GP Assembly helps us achieve our communication commitments and is open to all general practices, commissioners, close partners, and the local medical committee (LMC). 

The outcome of all GP Assembly meetings is to ensure clear communication of key information. But also, and importantly, to gather opinions relating to strategy and decisions being made by the place-based partnership arrangements in Leeds.

Voice Committee

Supporting the GP Assembly is a Voice Committee.

This is where the outputs and opinions generated in the GP Assembly are consolidated, ready to be the voice of general practice in Leeds. 

The Voice Committee allows individuals and clinical leaders from Leeds GP Confederation to represent and actively participate in any city-wide health and care architecture and governance discussions in confidence and mandate to represent local general practice.