NHS Supply Chain

Stock on Shelves – the Direct Ordering of Dressings using NHS Supply Chain

In Leeds, the Medicines Optimisation Team commission NHS Supply Chain to supply dressings recommended on the product list directly to General Practice* and Neighbourhood District Nursing Teams as an alternative to issuing a prescription.

*Dressings not on the product list will still need a prescription. Seek advise from a wound care specialist if off-formulary dressings are required

The benefits to General Practice include:

  • Saves time in GPN and HCA appointments à stock already available in the surgery
  • Saves time that would be spent writing FP10s
  • Avoids inadvertent use of named dressings on another patient
  • Reduces dressings waste

If you don’t use this commissioned service in your practice – contact the Medicines Optimisation Team on [email protected] who can help set this up for you.

How to Guides for Using NHS Supply Chain

The below “how to” guides have been created to support your use of the NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue so you can manage your orders effectively and monitor what you are spending.

Contact Information

For general enquiries about using NHS Supply Chain for dressings contact the Medicines Optimisation Team on [email protected]

For order queries, please contact your NHS Supply Chain Customer Representatives on 03000 136 201.  You will need your requisition point number and the order number.