Leeds GP Confederation leads successful bid for the Community Dermatology contract

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A collaboration between primary and secondary care organisations, led by the Leeds GP Confederation, has been awarded the Community Dermatology contract for Leeds.

Leeds GP Confederation has once again put its leadership and influence to effective use, brokering a powerful collaborative bid from providers who have the skills, expertise, and community insight to design and deliver excellent dermatology care for people in Leeds.

Our collaborative is made up of:

  • Street Lane Practice
  • Chevin Medical Practice
  • OneMedical Group
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The Confed designed this partnership around a common vision; better dermatology care centred around the needs of patients, to improve referral routes between primary and secondary care, to make provision more equitable and accessible, and most importantly, to better meet the needs of our local communities. Our wealth of experience working with local partners and building at-scale delivery models, centred around communities, helped our vision to be resoundingly accepted by the commissioner, NHS Leeds CCG.

“The Leeds GP confederation submitted a very strong bid for providing consultant led community dermatology services across the whole of Leeds, and we are looking forward to working with them to provide the highest possible standards of care in new and innovative ways” 

Steve Laville, Pathway integration Lead for NHS Leeds CCG

This contract represents an £7.5m investment staying in the Leeds health and care system over the next 5 years. It reinforces that local organisations, that collaborate together, are best placed to make decisions, about local care, delivered with and for people in Leeds. The leadership of the Confed doesn’t end with this successful bid. We will continue facilitating the partnership of providers through a collaborative board, which will collectively decide how resources are allocated based on what local people and data are telling us.

“When we deploy the strengths of the Confed like this, our health and care system works more effectively together and our communities benefit.” 

Jim Barwick, CEO, Leeds GP Confed

Integrating support, as a system for Leeds, through at-scale services in local communities is what we do. It’s what we will always do because we stay focused on making a positive difference to the 870,000 people living here. Our skills and experience of developing new models of care, aligning partners around shared goals, and delivering high quality services will be used for this contract, just as they will be used for many more initiatives still to come.

Over the next few weeks and months, you will hear more about this service, what it means for patients and clinicians alike, before we ‘go-live’ on 1st October 2022.

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