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Sarah Holbrey joined the Project Team at Leeds GP Confederation in March 2023 as Service Delivery Manager for the Cancer Screening & Awareness Programme. Since she started, Sarah has made great contributions, both to the programme and the wider Confederation. Read more about the programme and Sarah’s ongoing experience working on it here:  

“One of Leeds GP Confederation’s newest programmes is the Cancer Screening & Awareness Programme, which builds on the success and learning of the Cancer Wise Leeds programme which was also funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Sarah Holbrey, Cancer Care Coordinators and Yorkshire Cancer Research Representatives attend the Cancer Care Coordinator Induction Day in June 2023.
Sarah Holbrey, Cancer Care Coordinators and Yorkshire Cancer Research Representatives attend the Cancer Care Coordinator Induction Day in June 2023.

The Yorkshire Cancer Research Cancer Screening & Awareness Programme involves eight Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Leeds. The programme supports the people of Leeds to take part in cancer screening. Cancer screening is so important as it can find cancer earlier when it is easier to treat or can help detect any changes that might be present before somebody even has symptoms. This programme is focusing on PCNs in areas of the city with the highest levels of deprivation, where patient populations face a higher risk of cancer and greater health inequalities. In addition, screening rates for cancer here are also among the lowest in the city, so the programme is really targeting those with the biggest need.

Over 18 months, PCNs will be supported by Cancer Care Coordinators who are working with GP practices in their PCN to implement approaches to encourage eligible patients to engage in the national screening programmes for bowel, cervical and breast cancer. My role as Service Delivery Manager is to oversee the delivery of the programme and support PCNs and Cancer Care Coordinators in achieving their objectives.

Work is currently underway to identify which patient groups have the lowest engagement in screening and the reasons for this, so the barriers for accessing screening can be understood. Local action plans will be developed in each PCN to support GP practices in addressing this, using recommendations and best practice approaches that are tailored to the target populations. In the coming months we hope to be able to share more about this.

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It’s great being part of the Project Team within the Confederation, everybody is very supportive and there’s always someone to bounce ideas off if you need to unpick something. Service delivery can be fast paced, but it also offers the opportunity to plan ahead, reflect and review. The best thing about my role is collaborating with others, it’s brilliant to work with so many people who are so passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do, supporting each other in Primary Care, and about improving the health of the people of Leeds.”

-Sarah Holbrey, Service Delivery Manager

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