The Voice Committee is looking for a Practice / PCN Manager to be a member of the Voice Committee.

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The commitment will be 4hrs per month. This may change as the Voice Committee evolves.

The specific purpose of the Voice Committee is to;

  • Hold the intelligence and insight of general practice activities.
  • Have full sight and regard to local and national policy relating to general practice and the wider health & care system.
  • Receive reports from;
    • The Placed Based Partnership committee of the Integrated Care Board.
    • The assurance sub-committees as appropriate.
    • The population boards as appropriate.
    • The Confederation Strategic Board & Executive.
    • The GP Assembly.
  • Being consistent with PBP and LMC communications, contribute to setting the communication and engagement agenda of the Confederation as well as reiving reports back from the same.
  • Set the forward plan and agendas of the GP Assembly including;
    • Items that originate from Placed Based Partnership meetings that require input or decision from General Practice
    • Responses to the development and/or implementation of local or national policy and/or strategy
    • Requests by general practice or other members of the Voice Committee.
  • Synthesise the range of views that emerge from the GP Assembly and take full consideration of votes or decsions made at the GP Assembly.
  • Ensure the synthesis of views or any decsions are communicated fully to those individuals with a mandate to represent general practice within the Placed Based Partnership arrangements.
  • The Committee will promote a culture inclusion and open and honest reporting.
  • The Committee will provide assurance to the GP Assembly and other appropriate governance structures of its members, that the Voice Committee purpose is being enacted and evidence of such.

If you would like to be considered for this portfolio please can you email a short paragraph expressing your reasons for your interest the role to [email protected] We will then arrange a conversation with everyone who has responded to discuss the role in more detail. Please note time spent on this role is funded by the Confed and there will be an expectation to report back to your peers in our monthly PCN Management meeting.