Training and Standards

There are standards and competencies to be achieved before administering vaccines. The understanding of what and how vaccines work alongside side effects and benefits, is integral to offering this service to families. Uptake of vaccines can be challenging and sharing best practice helps to make sure we reach everyone.

National Minimum Standards for Immunisers

National minimum standards registered practitioners National minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training for registered healthcare practitioners (

Health Care Assistant (HCA) minimum standardsRegistered healthcare professionals standards for immunisation Immunisation training of healthcare support workers: national minimum standards and core curriculum – GOV.UK ( 

Immunisation Knowledge and Skills Competence Assessment Tool Immunisation Knowledge and Skills Competence Assessment Tool|Publications | Royal College of Nursing ( 


Training must be undertaken before administrating vaccines as per the national minimum standards. Update training must be accessed annually, this would be a local face to face or a live virtual course. Only if these are not available would e-Learning be acceptable.

Leeds GP Confederation Clinical and Non-Clinical Vaccination and Immunisation training Leeds GP Confed Training

Vaccine Safety Basics Vaccine Safety Basics | OpenWHO  

This course introduces participants to the foundations of vaccine pharmacovigilance. The aim of this course is to provide healthcare professionals whose work involve vaccine safety issues, with essential knowledge about vaccines and their safety aspects.  

Vaccine essentials WHO Essential Programme on Immunization ( 

Training slides HPV

Royal College of Nursing HCA Guidance RCN HCA Guidance for Vaccination

E-LFH training Immunisation Immunisation – elearning for healthcare ( 

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