Social Media

Professional use of social media.

Social media is a great way of sharing and learning as healthcare professionals. It’s important to maintain a professional identity and approach, and to take into consideration that posts on the internet can be seen by anyone including the general public. 

WARNING: Facebook is a popular site and used by many people for socialising with friends. It is not advisable therefore to mix this with professional networking.  It is also important to remember that wider people can have access to your Facebook posts and it’s wise to always bear this in mind.

X (Previously Twitter)

X (previously Twitter) is a good platform for interesting conversations and knowledge sharing.

REMEMBER!  Not all X sites are reliable sources of information! Look for professional organisations and trusted sources.

There is some useful advice and guidance, including how to set up an X account, on the link here:

Some good X accounts to follow:

Helen Bevan – Great for all things leadership : @helenbevan

Louise Brady – Primary Care Nursing Lead at NHSE and a flag flyer for GPNs – @louisebrady17

Sarah O’Donnell -RN BSc PGC Adv Practice IP Strategic Lead for Primary Care and Integration – @sarah_searz

GPN Nursing X:

GPN Student Nurse Network – @GPNSNN

We Nurses –  @wenurses

We GPNs – @weGPNs

RCN GPN Forum – @RCNGPNForum

The Queen’s Nurse Institute – @TheQNI

Please note that the views expressed on the above accounts are the responsibility of the account holders and are not associated with Leeds GP Confederation.