The aim of the herpes zoster (shingles) vaccination programme is to reduce the incidence and severity of shingles disease in older people. 

Clinician Resources  

Guidance and vaccination programme front page Shingles: guidance and vaccination programme – GOV.UK ( 

Shingles vaccination guide Shingles vaccination guide – GOV.UK ( 

Shingles eligibility calculator  Shingles eligibility calculator – from September 2023 – Health Publications 

Shingles vaccine update  Introduction of Shingrix® vaccine for the whole programme and expansion of eligible cohorts letter – GOV.UK ( 

Shingles implementation immunocompetent 10 year plan shingles-immunocompetent-patients-timeline-for-the-phased-implementation.pdf ( 

Shingles vaccine checklist and links poster UKHSA-12644-shingles_checklist.pdf ( 

Shingles stickers shingles sticker (24 stickers per A4 sheet) – Health Publications 

Shingles vaccine eligibility poster UKHSA_12644_Shingles_Eligibility_table_poster_2023_12_landscape_WEB.pdf ( 

Patient Resources  

Shingles Vaccination Leaflets in other languages:

Accessible versions of this main leaflet are available to order and download in: 

 Shingles infection and information for patients Shingles – NHS ( 


Training slides for shingles