Screening is a way of finding out if people have a higher chance of having a health problem, so that early treatment can be offered or information given to help them make informed decisions. 

This page gives an overview of screening, with links to the different types of screening offered by the NHS in England.

Elearning for all screening programmes  NHS Screening Programmes – elearning for healthcare 

Screening in Pregnancy 

The screening tests offered in pregnancy are: 

Screening for New-born Babies 

New-born babies are offered: 

Diabetic Eye Screening 

From the age of 12, all people with diabetes are offered an annual diabetic eye test to check for early signs of diabetic retinopathy.

Cancer Wise Leeds – a range of resourses to support GP Practices

 Cancer Wise Leeds – our legacy and resources :: Leeds Cancer Programme

See each tab at the top of the page for further information – Cervical/Bowel/Breast screening

Cancer Screening – Training and Information Includes

One Minute Guides, information and recommendations.


Links to Screening Information

Marketing and Communication – resources and videos

Leeds Resourses

Learning Disabilities Alert Form for accessing care

Reasonable Adjustment Alert Page Reasonable Adjustments Alert

Leeds Health Awareness

Working across Leeds to raise awareness of and prevent LTC’s across Leeds.

Leeds Health Awareness (

NHS Cancer Screening Programmes – Leeds Health Awareness (

Cancer signs and symptoms in various languages be.macmillan – Signs and symptoms