Leeds Pathways

Leeds Health pathways bring together Leeds specific guidance and clinical pathways . The pathways have been created to be utilised when caring for our population across Primary and Secondary Care.

Please note the below links only function for those who have access to Leeds Health Pathways.

Leeds Health pathway main page  Leeds Health Pathways (leedsth.nhs.uk)

Leeds pathway menu Leeds Pathways (leedsth.nhs.uk) 

Primary Care Clinical Guidelines & Referrals Database Primary Care (leedsth.nhs.uk)

Leeds infection pathway Leeds Infection Resource Page (leedsth.nhs.uk)

Leeds VTE guidelines Venous Thromboembolism – Prophylaxis Reducing the risk in patients admitted to the hospital (leedsth.nhs.uk)

Anticoagulation guidelines  Anticoagulation Guidelines (leedsth.nhs.uk)

Medicines management Medicines Management (leedsth.nhs.uk)