Coaching, Learning and Skills

General Practice is constantly developing, which means that the skills and knowledge of staff in practices are always growing beside it. Have a look at the resources below for information on coaching, career development, and training.

Leeds Learning Hub | Inclusive Growth Leeds – Helping you improve your confidence and skills, take up a new hobby, or gain a better job.

My Coaching Network – For anyone working or volunteering in health and social care across Humber, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Supporting coachees and coaches to register and find each other.

Mentoring support available

A reminder that clinicians and leaders working within West Yorkshire General Practice can also access GPMplus mentoring service, which provides 8 hours of fully funded mentoring support. You can find out more about mentoring here

New coaching services: peer wellbeing sessions and virtual away day for teams

The Looking After You coaching offer now includes two new services to support individuals and teams to stay well.

Peer wellbeing sessions will bring together up to eight people with shared experiences to support each other alongside a trained coach to discuss and plan how to improve and maintain wellbeing. Participants will join virtual group sessions in a safe and supportive space.

Managers and leaders can book a virtual team away day for themselves and up to seven members of their team. A coach will help to design a bespoke session to suit the team’s objectives.