Supporting Health & Wellbeing Coaches to Deliver NHS Health Checks

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NHS Health Checks are a well-recognised prevention programme to reduce early deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and associated conditions. NHS Health Checks provide opportunities for patients to talk to healthcare professionals regarding lifestyle changes that could reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. In addition, there is opportunity for onward referrals to local services to manage risk factors such as weight, smoking, alcohol intake and low physical activity.

To support in delivering catch up NHS Health Checks following the pandemic, Leeds GP Confederation engaged with a 3rd party to provide Point of Care testing to deliver additional clinics. Throughout the ‘catch up’ pilot we supported Health and Wellbeing Coaches throughout Leeds, with training and development sessions as well as external training opportunities, to support them in delivering NHS Health Checks. In addition, the Confed performed quality assurance audits to ensure the pilot was delivering a good standard of care for patients.

One Health and Wellbeing coach in particular, Andrei Scheul, showed excellent commitment and passion for the pilot, so much so that we are looking forward to signing off Andrei’s competencies ready to attend Phlebotomy and NHS Health Check clinics as part of the Confed’s Enhanced Access service.