Team Leeds Hearts and Minds – Menopause Podcast

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Statistics say that a million women leave the workforce at any one time due to debilitating symptoms of perimenopause. In desperation, some women reduce their working hours, hoping to be less fatigued and less visible. Some take protracted periods of sick leave, feeling depressed and suddenly incompetent. Some avoid promotion despite significant skills, experience and capability because symptoms of brain fog; reduced concentration, anxiety, panic attacks, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and the practical difficulties of managing heavy bleeding in the workplace cause distress and embarrassment.

One woman told me that ‘It is easier to fade out of the workplace than to pursue a career’.

Our health and care workforce has never been so critical, so we must wholeheartedly address the issues that impact the wellbeing of our most precious asset: our people.

Please raise awareness in your teams, support managers to hold better conversations, and work towards #TeamLeeds being an accredited, menopause friendly health and care sector, where we live, work, learn and experience inevitable life stages together.

My Menopause Centre provides a website that offers free, evidence-based information and advice on all stages of the menopause transition, thirty-eight symptoms of the menopause and a questionnaire that results in a free, personalised menopause assessment. My Menopause Centre also offers a private online menopause clinic that provides a holistic, evidence-based and personalised approach menopause care as well as tailored support for businesses who want to create a menopause-inclusive culture.

Further information can also be found here, along with guidance here.