Message from Jim Barwick, CEO

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Over the last few months, Leeds GP Confederation has been looking at how we can do our very best for our members and thereby the people of Leeds. Since the Confed was created, the environment we all work in has changed. As well as the impacts of COVID, we’ve also been navigating the emergence of primary care networks (PCNs) -, changes to NHS legislation, and our ongoing learning and development. This has all led to a refining of the Confed and what we offer. We have spent a lot of time talking with practices and PCNs as well as colleagues in the wider health and care system to understand how it’s been for our members and partners. We’ve also looked at other federations and GP groups nationally. Listening and acting on what we’ve heard is an important principle of how we choose to work. 

With this in mind, I want to share two key changes we have recently implemented;

  1. Refined our purpose. This is more focussed and based on what practices and PCNs have asked for. It ensures we have a balance of practice and PCN focussed support and services, underpinned by ensuring the voice of general practice is fully represented and heard. Because decisions that have a consequence on general practice must include general practice.
  2. Improved our communication and engagement. Our new website is an example of this. We want it to be the ‘go to’ place for all the information you need about the Confed and the support we provide. Additionally, with our colleagues in the LMC, we’re developing a range of mechanisms to strengthen engagement between the Confed and our members, in ways that work for you. It’s important that you are informed when you’re asked for your views, get involved in decision making, and are represented effectively in the health and care system.

As we keep evolving the Confed to best support and represent general practice in Leeds, we want to thank you for everything you continue doing to respond to the challenges and changes of this time. We are excited to be launching this new site and look forward to sharing further details of our future plans with you. In the meantime, please do get in touch via this page to tell us what you think or to discuss and access our support. 

Jim Barwick – CEO, Leeds GP Confederation