PCN service offer: primary care development

The Confederation will continue to provide comprehensive support to PCNs during the initial set up and over the coming months and years as your networks develop, mature and take on more responsibilities.

The Confederation is in an ideal place to do this as we already hold resources on your behalf. This includes the investment from the CCG of people and money. We will continue to build on and add to the work that has taken place through the current locality structure, which has been supported by the ‘embedded’ primary care development and clinical pharmacy teams.

Our offer is that we will continue the approach of integrating the teams, embedding them into PCNs to work as an integral part of your network infrastructure. You will also have access to senior and executive level expertise focused on the development of PCNs, led by the Director of Transformation.

We recognise that PCNs are likely to need further support to work through their evolving responsibilities in terms of service delivery; service change; integration with community services;  workforce planning, including the recruitment of an expanded workforce; and delivery of the seven nationally mandated services.

We will shape our resources to help you deliver these, and if your PCN wants additional support, we will work with you to scope this; to consider the best way to source it, including hosted employment options; and ensure there is effective integration with the primary care development team to maximise the total resources at your disposal.

  • For more information about this aspect of the Confederation offer, please contact Gaynor Connor, Director of Transformation