PCN service offer: future plans


We know that support for workforce issues is particularly important to practices, so we are looking to develop this part of our service offer by offering an employment and HR service. We are developing a model to enable some staff to be employed centrally on behalf of PCNs, with the PCNs retaining control over their deployment. We are also considering options for the design of an HR service offer that you could choose to access.

The employment element could include

  • Pre-employment checks
  • Issuing of employment contracts
  • Payroll and pensions administration
  • Induction *optional*
  • Redeployment sought in event of redundancy situation
  • Consistent statutory and mandatory training *optional*
  • Consistent policies *optional*

Under this model, employment would be hosted on behalf of PCNs, with PCNs deploying the staff themselves. The Confederation offer to PCNs is therefore not anticipated to include core deployment responsibilities such as line management, appraisal and development, clinical supervision or employee engagement and support.

We are also looking to develop employee relations advice and HR support and guidance, including policies and procedures.


Although this had previously been identified as an area where the Confederation could help individual practices, this was seen as less of a priority for PCNs. However, if there was a demand, the Confederation would work with PCNs to establish a procurement service. The aim would be to achieve economies of scale in purchasing whereby savings made could be re-invested into  primary care.


We know that practices have to deal with a wide range of estates issues, for example, quality of the premises, developments required or issues relating to lease holding or ownership.

We would work with practices and PCNs to better understand these issues, developing a service that would reduce the risk of lease or property ownership and supporting developments and improvements of primary care estates.