PCN service offer: extended access DES funding

As part of the primary care network contract, the current extended funding to practices [£1.90 per patient] will pass to the primary care networks from July 2019 at the new rate of £1.45 per  patient.

Under the new primary care network DES contract, the network is responsible for ensuring that 100% of patients in each network have access to extended access appointments.

Several PCNs have approached the Confederation to explore options of using this funding to increase capacity in their existing extended access hubs to meet their contractual responsibility under the new PCN DES arrangements.

We are happy to work with any PCN who wants to explore delivering their PCN extended access DES or any part of it via the extended access hubs. As the Confederation already has the  infrastructure in place to manage the extended access hubs, there will be no additional charge to PCNs if you wish to take up this option.

  • For more information about this aspect of the Confederation offer, please contact Wendy Pearson, Director of Development
  • To take up this offer, please complete the online form