Primary care networks – support offer

We have engaged extensively with member practices about how we can support you with your priorities, taking into account the changing local and national context including the review of the Leeds Plan, workforce issues, new five year GP contract, as well as the NHS Long Term Plan. Our offer reflects what you have asked for and is designed to help mitigate risks and manage the workload of the new networks as well as enhance the work we’re already doing to support practices and localities.

Our current provision to practices and localities

Clinical strategy development

Leadership of key clinical developments, population health management, urgent care, frailty, mental health

Primary care development

Primary care and clinical pharmacy development teams supporting practices & PCNs


Operational management of GPAF and NHS health checks & the ability to bid for new work alone or with partners, e.g. IAPT

Shape and influence

The ability to represent primary care at scale, influence city wide decisions and shape future plans

Integration and partnerships

Leadership to drive integration, particularly with LCH, to ensure a combined community and primary care future


Your membership of the Confederation & ability to determine what we do

Our new, additional offer to PCNs 

Enhanced primary care development

We will provide a comprehensive framework to support PCN operational delivery, including an expanded team who will be an integral part of the PCN team

Extended access DES funding

We will work with any PCN who wants to explore delivering their PCN extended access DES or any part of it via the extended access hubs


We are offering a bespoke workforce service that will include resourcing of mandated roles, training and development, planning and professional networks

Digital developments

We will develop and implement the digital requirements for PCNs, as well as  influence and implement city digital developments 

Representation & scale

Agreement to the additional elements means the Confederation has further scale which you directly control, including any future work 

Financial management

 We can host PCN income and provide full financial management, with simple and transparent processes 

Future plans

We’re looking to further develop our workforce offer, as well as explore opportunities  for supporting PCNs with estates and procurement