LCH hosted employment service level agreement

The offer of employment can be accessed by those PCNs who have already started their recruitment processes for Clinical Pharmacists as well as those who wish to join the cohort recruitment that we are planning to advertise shortly.

Committees in common

A brief guide to what they are and what they do

Forward plan for clinical directors

A forward plan of meetings for clinical directors, showing which are required, recommended and useful.

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Primary care network development - information & support

We've brought together here all the documents that detail how the Confederation can support PCNs to develop

 Confederation support offer brochure (22 May 2019) 

Original offer brochure (219kB)

Updated offer information pack (7 June 2019)

Update information pack (538kB)

Additional information about the LCH employment offer for mandated roles (14 June 2019) 

Information about LCH hosted employment offer (406kB)

LCH hosted employment service level agreement (19 September 2019)

LCH hosted employment SLA (589kB)

Workforce funding calculator

Workforce funding calculator ()


Workforce funding calculator

Spreadsheet to help PCNs explore different workforce funding options

We’ve developed a funding model in which we’ve pre-populated for each PCN their population and member practices.  You can use the spreadsheet to explore different options by inputting your data into the green cells (you don’t need to do anything to the other cells).

The main caveat to the model is that the “expected funds” are the minimum funds that each PCN can expect to receive, based on the information issued so far.  This figure could increase or decrease due to changes in population or further guidance issued, but for now it gives an estimated minimum figure for future years. Similarly, the “expected costs” could be affected by Agenda for Change uplifts or changes, and costs of living or minimum wages. The figure is an estimate of anticipated costs against anticipated funds to give each PCN a rough idea of what future years could look like, to inform and aid the establishment of PCNs.

Download the calculator

General practice nursing strategy

Practice nurses play a critical role at all levels within general practice. This strategy outlines how we will harness the collective resource and innovation existing within our practices and create local training, development and leadership opportunities, as well as ensuring there are a wide variety of flexible and exciting career options for nurses in Leeds.

General practice nursing strategy