Dr Chris Mills

Chris has been a GP partner at Rawdon Surgery since 2006 and very much enjoys the work involved. In particular he enjoys building relationships and trust with people and families over years, which is not only the foundation of an excellent experience for people receiving care, but is also a foundation for creating safe and effective community services.

Chris has been working on service development since 2010, initially with Leeds PCT, then the CCGs and now as Chair of the Leeds GP Confederation.

It is the same interest in developing lasting relationships and trust with patients that defines his approach to service development. His approach is to enable people delivering services to have the time and support they needed in order to form better relationships, across organisations and with the communities they serve. ‘We then need to create the right circumstances and support around these new relationships, which allows them to create the integrated services of the future’.

He looks forward to the opportunities set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the role General Practice will have in the future.