Calibre Care Partners Ltd

Calibre Care Partners Ltd represents practices within north Leeds; it is a member-led organization, divided into four localities covering a total population of over 200,000.

Calibre Care Partners logoCalibre has a Board of Directors which comprises of nominated locality leads who work on behalf of member practices within their respective localities.

We believe that community based services which are high quality, consistent and joined up must be the solution to many of the pressures on today’s NHS and that General Practice is ideally placed to lead this community based provision.

 Our objectives

  • tackle health inequalities
  • improve health outcomes for our population
  • support practices to utilize their resources more effectively
  • build a sustainable federation available to support general practice in the long term

Our values

  • Embrace change to ensure future sustainability of general practice
  • Our practices are patient centred and patient engagement is a high priority to improve health outcomes and quality of care
  • Provide exceptional care for all patients, particularly those from deprived and marginalised communities
  • Set standards to deliver the highest clinical quality and the best patient experience
  • Improve collaboration and share good practice
  • Nurture talent and foster innovation
  • Encourage and Support leadership and development of people

Calibre will:

  • To re-invest our savings back into general practice and continuously improve healthcare
  • Focus on improving patient care and experience
  • Democratic, open and transparent.
  • Collaborative and supportive of other practices, Confed, Leeds CCG and our local hospitals.
  • Ensure there is equal opportunity for engagement
  • Inclusive of all Leeds North GP practices regardless of size or type of contract.
  • GP owned and managed
  • Facilitative – bringing practices together to create mutual benefits
  • Professional, dynamic and innovative
  • Work with and alongside third sector and other stakeholders to ensure we are put citizens first


Calibre has an integrated approach for governance to include corporate, financial and clinical accountabilities.  Our governance model enables equality of input from clinical and non-clinical sources for the purposes of delivering recognisably high standards of care.


The benefits of working together within the structure may include:

  • Cost savings and efficiencies to back office systems, including the sharing of administrative functions,
  • shared HR functions including pay arrangements
  • savings on maintenance contracts, purchasing and supplies.

Our Services

Extended Working Hours

Calibre provides extended working hours cover across North Leeds providing a convenient way for patients to access care in addition to the regular working hours which can be accessed through their own Practice.

Extended services offer an opportunity to develop the primary care workforce, drawing on professionals such as pharmacists and physiotherapists and improve integration with other community services.

Calibre is also in collaboration with 2 other boroughs within the city to ensure we have a coordinated voice for general practice sharing operational processes for extended access across Leeds.

Unified Communication System –  A new communication platform across general practices

To assist practices to stay current in the ever moving world of technology, Calibre has worked with its members to secure a new communication platform.  The system fits extremely well in to Calibres model for mobile working and virtual appointments as the system allows for integration between traditional telephone landlines and hardware, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc and clinical systems.

National Drivers for Improving Quality

The Health and Social Care Act (2012) places statutory duties on the Secretary of State, NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups to promote continuous improvements in the quality of health services.

The three dimensions of quality are detailed below and all three must be present in order to provide a high quality service:

  • Clinical Effectiveness – quality care is care which is delivered according to the best evidence as to what is clinically effective in improving an individual’s health outcomes
  • Safety – quality care is care which is delivered so as to avoid all avoidable harm and risks to the individual’s safety
  • Patient Experience – quality care is care which looks to give the individual as positive an experience of receiving and recovering from the care as possible, including being treated according to what that individual wants or needs, and with compassion, dignity and respect.

The NHS Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. It details rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieving. Patients have the right to expect NHS bodies to monitor, and make efforts to continuously improve the quality of healthcare they commission or provide.

The NHS Outcomes Framework, alongside the Adult Social Care and Public Health outcomes frameworks, sits at the heart of the health and care system.  It provides a national overview of how well the NHS is performing and is the primary accountability mechanism, in conjunction with the Mandate, between the Secretary of State for Health and NHS England.