Who we are & what we do

We were established in March 2018 to represent the collective view of GP practices as providers in Leeds. The GP Confederation has evolved through shared working with the GP leadership and the existing three federations in Leeds.

We aim to improve care in Leeds, principally through applying the local care partnership model in localities but also by helping spread best practice across the city.

Our composition

We exist for the benefit of our members; Leeds GP practices are the Confederation. Our ownership model makes sure that everything we do is directed by and approved by our members at every level of decision making.  We work with practices and their representatives at the following levels:

Confederation structureIndividual member level: practices own the company and regularly attend members’ events and work directly with Confederation leaders

Primary care network level: each PCN has locally elected leaders who participate in decision making as members of the Confederation Strategic Board

Federation level: members speak through the collective voice of their federation and are represented by their elected leaders, including a borough representative GP who sits on the Confederation executive as a key decision maker

Confederation level: any organisation working at scale needs to make decisions that are aligned with the collective will of its members, but which are timely and can take advantage of opportunities that benefit the organisation and its members. The Confederation does this through an  executive appointed by and overseen – and held to account for the work they do – by the Confederation Strategic Board. In addition to appointed individuals, the three borough representative GPs sit on the executive and make decisions on behalf of their colleagues.


Our purpose

The Leeds GP Confederation exists to

  • Help practices remain sustainable by building on the attributes of primary care:
    • A well-recognised and highly valued service where people already access a lot of their care.
    • A model of care that is based on building long term relationships with people, families and communities, an approach which aligns with local care partnerships.
    • A provider of cradle to grave care; the majority of care pathways involve general practice.
    • Advanced IT systems and some of the most complete clinical records for the people it serves.
    • Works in a registered list based way, which allows for the development of proactive models of care delivery seeking to improve outcomes for people and populations over years.
  • Enable practices to play a full and active role in quality improvement, service integration and pathway development, aligned with the local care partnership vision.
  • Create a governance system that enables practices be active in contributing to both local and citywide strategy.
  • Create an organisational structure which is able to hold contracts and deliver services across general practice in Leeds and in partnership with other providers in the city.
  • Listen and act.