Establishing and developing primary care networks

The NHS Long Term Plan commits to ‘fully integrated community based health care’ and the introduction of primary care networks (PCNs). The Leeds locality model gives us the building blocks for PCNs, but they also bring new challenges as well as opportunities. We have created a package of support to help establish and develop PCNs, based on what practices have told us are their priorities.


The NHS Long Term Plan, published in January 2019, sets out a number of priorities for the NHS, one of which focuses on primary and community services.

The plan commits to ‘fully integrated community based health care’ as well as the introduction of primary care networks (PCNs). Alongside this are other commitments to increased funding, improvements in mental health, and a range of clinical services. The plan describes the resources required for workforce, digital and leadership, and also emphasises the role of patients and carers, population health and prevention.

In Leeds, we already have many of the elements described in the Long Term Plan and are well placed to implement the requirements. Our work on local care partnerships, as the integrated model of care in the community, alongside population health management and a closer relationship with Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, will secure our continued success for the people of  Leeds. PCNs provide us with an exciting future – they are an opportunity to further develop primary care but also present a series of challenges. In response, the Leeds GP Confederation is able to offer a range of services to PCNs that will help realise that vision whilst addressing the challenges.

We will build on the work we already do that supports practices and localities but develop this to support PCNs in such a way to still achieve the five strands of our purpose.

We know that one size does not always fit all. An important principle underlies this offer: where it makes the most sense to do something once across the city we will do this. Where it is important for individual PCNs to take the lead, we will support this.

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