Our committees & meetings

Committees and attendees 

CommitteeAttendeesFrequencyChairContact details
Strategic BoardClinical Directors,  Confed ExecutiveBi-MonthlyChris Mills[email protected]
Executive BoardExecutive plus invited guestsFortnightlyJim Barwick[email protected]
Citywide Practice ManagersPMs plus invited guestsMonthlyAlison Stewart[email protected]
Locality Lead Nurse ForumPNs plus invited guestsMonthlyAndrea Mann[email protected]
Quality, Performance and Finance CommitteeCommittee plus invited guestsMonthlyRuth Burnett[email protected]
Workforce CommitteeCommittee plus invited guestsBi-Monthly Laura Smith/Jenny Allen[email protected]

We’ve set up a shared Outlook calendar which includes the schedule of all meetings (please see below). Although these are not public meetings as such, if you wish to attend one of the meetings or want to raise a matter, please get in touch with the relevant person.

Purpose of each committee

Strategic Board

The Strategic Board ensures that the direction and decisions taken by the Executive are aligned to the challenges and opportunities faced by clinicians working in primary care.

In particular the Strategic Board will be responsible for strategy, planning and delivery; working with the membership; partnership working; quality improvement; governance; HR management and remuneration.

The Strategic Board will promote a culture of open and honest reporting and debate.

Executive Board

The Executive is responsible for the governance of the Confederation and for implementing the Confederation strategy and plan.

The duties of the Executive are to

  • Implement the strategic annual plan as /when approved by the Strategic Board
  • Shape the culture of the Confederation in line with the values of and its members
  • Ensure the accountability of the confederation as it transacts business on behalf of its members

Citywide practice manager and locality lead nurse meetings

The purpose of these meetings it to discuss the current issues being faced and to share good practice.

Quality, Performance and Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that high standards of care are provided by the Confederation and in particular that adequate and appropriate governance structures, processes and controls are in place to:

  • Seek assurance on the financial integrity of the confederation and the suitability of the Confederation’s systems of financial control;
  • Seek assurance that confederation services are delivered effectively and meet contractual requirements;
  • Seek assurance on quality, safety and excellence in patient care;
  • Seek assurance on effective evidence-based clinical practice;
  • Identify and prioritise financial, performance and quality risks and issues and assure the Board that risks and issues are being managed in a controlled and timely manner;
  • When the Confederation is entering into new collaborative partnership arrangements, oversee the quality governance and reporting arrangements to assure the Board of the provision of safe, high quality services;
  • Oversee development and implementation of strategy; review and approve the annual assurance report.

Workforce Committee

 The role of the Committee is to: 

  • Regularly review the workforce work plan and ensure that it supports the achievement of the workforce priorities in the Confederation strategic annual plan.
  • Consider workforce risks and issues and support the executive assurance framework by keeping the executive apprised of risks and issues and plans to mitigate resolve them.
  • Regularly review issues relating to the wider workforce of the constituent members of the Confederation and advise the executive on appropriate action required to support and strengthen members in matters of workforce

Accessing the calendar

The calendar can be found in Outlook and will include the schedule of meetings each month and the annual leave of each member of the executive.

To access the shared calendar, go to the calendar and click on the ‘open calendar’ button at the top of the page and select – ‘From Address Book’

Select [email protected] and click ‘OK’

The shared calendar will then pop up on your screen and you should be able to see a summary of all the meetings and annual leave as described above.

If all of the entries are showing but you cannot access the information then you will need to request access – please double click on a meeting and request “full access” and press send.  This will prompt an email to the admin team who will able to grant access.  If you are having any difficulty with this part of the process please contact [email protected]

How do I see records of these meetings?

 If you would like to know the outcome of matters raised and are unable to attend the meetings please get in touch with the relevant committee contact.

Please note the minutes from the Executive Board meeting are not public as they may contain sensitive or confidential information.  In this instance a summary of the meeting will be made available.