Committees in common

The Confederation – and therefore primary care – is part of two such committees in common: LPICC and LPHC.

Leeds Providers’ Integrated Care Collaborative (LPICC)

LPICC is made up of representatives from LYPFT, LCH, LTHT and the Confederation. Its purpose is to help ensure that the different provider organisations work together to deliver joined up, efficient and sustainable primary, community, and secondary care hospital services (including mental health hospital and community services) for patients.

Leeds Primary Healthcare Collaborative (LPHC)

LPHC is made up of representatives from LCH and the Confederation. Its purpose is to ensure that the two organisations work together to seamless and efficient primary and community care services for patients.


Before any decisions are made, each member reports to and consults with its own organisation, in line with its own governance arrangements – in our case, the Strategic Board.

Current priorities & projects

  1. Develop a service blueprint for the city – an outline of service capacity required in community and hospital settings by 2024, based on existing needs and growth in demand
  2. Implement local care partnerships – LCPs will bring together people working in primary, community and social care with local community organisations and local people to really shape services around local needs.
  3. Implement the vision for frailty – work together to transform services to deliver improved outcomes for people living with frailty and at the end of life.
  4. Transform outpatients – redesign outpatient services so that they address the needs of the patient, take the most appropriate form, work seamlessly across organisational boundaries and make most effective use of resources.
  5. Enable greater integration – create an overarching governance framework for delivering integrated services across providers.

We will keep you updated on progress via the Strategic Board and our regular communication channels.