Workforce offer from the Confederation

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Last month, we issued an ‘offer’ to PCNs covering a number of items, one of which relates to workforce

We understand the requirement for PCNs to employ new workforce from 1 July 2019. To support this requirement we can now build on our existing offer.

There are four ways of employing mandated staff that we can help with:

  1.  The Confederation should be able to employ staff from December (pending a decision about NHS pensions). We will act as a central employer, hosting employment but staff would be deployed and managed within their respective PCNs. We have started to create the model to do this with associated costs. We will use our guiding principles of seeking economies of scale and being not for profit to ensure costs are minimal. We will work with PCNs to develop this further.
  2.  LCH could act as a central employer, hosting employment, but staff would be deployed and managed within their respective PCNs. We would make significant improvements to governance to ensure that the new workforce is not seen as LCH workforce, with their role being solely for hosted employment. This option will be presented at the next
    LCH and Confederation development session on 30 July, which is attended by clinical directors. If there is an appetite for this option, then we will explore it as quickly as possible.
  3. A practice in a PCN acts as the hosted employer. The legal framework for this is part of the overall legal support that the Confederation has arranged with Hill Dickinson.
  4. Another organisation (e.g. Community Links for social prescribers) could act as the hosted employer.

If you wish to progress any of these options or have any questions about the workforce offer from the Confederation, please contact [email protected]