Changes to the commissioning of MJOG

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Because of uncertainty around how innovations such as the NHS App will support digital solutions such as SMS messaging, the CCG has proposed that the Confederation take over the commissioning of MJOG for one year, using funding for digital solutions already paid to the Confederation.

As the nationally provided digital funding can only fund MJOG for a further year, it will be for the Confederation and its members to determine whether MJOG delivers sufficient value for money for them to continue to use it at their own cost, to renegotiate a contract or to seek a different solution that is free to use (e.g. the NHS App) to communicate digitally with patients.

During the next year, the Confederation will appraise the options for digital communication between practices and patients and support practices in the use of MJOG. The CCG IT budget will continue to fund the cost of sending messages during this time.

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