Woodhouse Moor Park Run – 1 June

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As both a GP and a runner, Ruth Burnett, our Medical Director, is planning to take part, and as part of our increased working with community services, Ruth is also encouraging others from community services to take part too. Afterwards, there will be a chance to meet up for coffee, hopefully in the sunshine!

For those of you who may have not done Park Run before, it is a relaxed 5km event run at numerous locations across the world every Saturday at 9am, set up and staffed entirely by volunteers. It is immensely sociable and open to all abilities, with people running, walking, jogging, chatting, pushing buggies etc.

Whilst there may be some competitive folk at the front aiming to beat their own targets, the majority of the field take it at a more leisurely pace. As an indication, the results from last Saturday at Woodhouse Moor range from 16min 11 sec  to 52 mins 1 sec.

More details can be found at https://www.parkrun.org.uk/woodhousemoor/

If you haven’t done a park run before then you need to sign up on the website (free) and get a barcode, which you take with you to register. You can still run without one, you just don’t get a time/result.