Confederation Update – October 2018

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Confederation leadership

Locality representatives play a key role in the Confederation leadership.

Localities are at the heart of the Leeds GP Confederation and have primacy, as working with partners on local priorities is key to making a difference to the care of people in each area.

Each locality elects a representative – any member of the locality leadership team – to be part of the Confederation Strategic Board. This is where we can represent the views of primary care from all the localities when decisions are made for health and care in the city. Papers from these meetings will be available on a new Confederation website in the near future but in the meantime are available from your locality representative or we can email them to you. Please get in touch if you would like a copy.

At the last meeting of the Confederation Strategic Board on 26 September, Dr Chris Mills was appointed as the chair of the Confederation, following the process set out in the Articles of Association.  Under the same process, the board also agreed to appoint Jim Barwick as Chief Executive of the Confederation.

Under the Strategic Board is an Executive, who make sure that the actions agreed by the Board are carried out. You hold the Executive to account for making sure the purpose of the Confederation is met. All but two posts (CEO and Transformation and Improvement lead) work part time for the Confederation. These other leadership roles are currently interim positions and will be finalised over the next month. We’ll let you know who’s who in our next update.


Since our last update in August, we’ve been working on a number of areas of governance to make sure we are able to fulfil our purpose and have clear roles and responsibilities. These include finalising our partnership agreement with the CCG, agreeing performance outcomes and measures, and developing committees in common with Leeds Community Healthcare (LCH) and the Leeds Provider Integrated Care Collaborative (LPICC).

How we can support practices

We’ve been working with the CCG to embed staff from the primary care and clinical pharmacy development teams into the Confederation. This move officially took place on 1 October. It means that the teams will still be employed by the CCG but we will manage them and they will be working with us, locality leads and practices to help us achieve our objectives – namely to improve quality, reduce unwarranted variation and implement new ways of working across practices in localities.

Staff will be based at Wira House for now but we are looking at a different base so that colleagues are more provider focused as they will primarily be working in the localities. You can contact staff via their existing email addresses and phone numbers.

Helping practices with their priorities

Since August, we’ve been engaging with practices across the city to find out what their main priorities are and to look at how we can help them to achieve these and overcome the challenges they face. Some common themes emerged from the workshops, and at the last Council of Members meeting in September, it was agreed that the Confederation would focus on the following areas:


6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Healthcare professional bank & shift cover management Providing development opportunities Patient engagement Promoting Leeds as an attractive place to have a career
Streamlining opportunities / schemes available to general practices Facilitating collaborative working Procurement Facilitating the shift to provider tactical commissioning


Making changes to healthcare pathways, policies & services


We’ll be sharing progress on these areas through our updates. The full independent report from the engagement sessions will also shared with you when it has been completed later in the autumn.

Tell us how we’re doing

To help both the CCG and the Confederation gauge how well we are meeting our purpose, supporting practices and localities, and delivering against agreed outcomes, we will be carrying out four short surveys over the next 18 months.

The first baseline survey will be sent out the next couple of weeks. Please take a few minutes to complete it, as your responses will help us see what’s going well and where we need to improve.

Keeping you informed

To help make sure you are kept informed about the Confederation, we are developing a new website and updating our contact lists over the next couple of months. We will keep you updated of progress, but in the meantime, if you are aware of any colleagues who are not receiving these updates or if you have any suggestions for improving the information you get from the Confederation, please let us know.

A reminder of who we are

The Leeds GP Confederation was established in March 2018 to represent the collective view of GP practices as providers in Leeds. The GP Confederation has evolved through shared working with the GP leadership and the existing three federations in Leeds.

The Confederation is a ‘not for profit social enterprise,’ working to improve the health of the people of Leeds by strengthening and sustaining primary care. We exist to

 Help practices remain sustainable by building on the attributes of primary care.

  • Enable practices to play a full and active role in quality improvement, service integration and pathway development, aligned with the local care partnership vision.
  • Create a governance system that enables practices be active in contributing to both local and citywide strategy.
  • Create an organisational structure which is able to hold contracts and deliver services across general practice in Leeds and in partnership with other providers in the city.
  • Listen and act.