Confederation Update – August 2018

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 A bit of background

As you may be aware, the Leeds GP Confederation was established in March 2018 to represent the collective view of GP practices as providers in Leeds. The GP Confederation evolved through shared working with the GP leadership and the existing three federations in Leeds.

Our focus throughout has been on improving care, principally through applying the local care partnership model in localities. However it was clear that other work happening in different parts of Leeds could be scaled across the city. With this in mind, we established these underlying principles:

  • Where there is something we can do once across the city, then we will do it once
  • Where it’s important for a locality, do it for that locality

The Confederation is a ‘not for profit social enterprise,’ working to improve the health of the people of Leeds by strengthening and sustaining primary care. Since March, we have been working to set up an organisational structure and governance systems that will enable us to fulfil our purpose, including working with NHS Leeds CCG to establish just what this encompasses.

Our purpose

 The Leeds GP Confederation exists to

  • Help practices remain sustainable by building on the attributes of primary care:
    • A well-recognised and highly valued service where people already access a lot of their care.
    • A model of care that is based on building long term relationships with people, families and communities, an approach which aligns with local care partnerships.
    • A provider of cradle to grave care; the majority of care pathways involve general practice.
    • Advanced IT systems and some of the most complete clinical records for the people it serves.
    • Works in a registered list based way, which allows for the development of proactive models of care delivery seeking to improve outcomes for people and populations over years.
  • Enable practices to play a full and active role in quality improvement, service integration and pathway development, aligned with the local care partnership vision.
  • Create a governance system that enables practices be active in contributing to both local and citywide strategy.
  • Create an organisational structure which is able to hold contracts and deliver services across general practice in Leeds and in partnership with other providers in the city.
  • Listen and act.

That’s what we are. This is what we are not:

  • Another level of bureaucracy – we aim to make things easier, not more complicated.
  • The finished article. We’re on a journey. We want to evolve and be able to support practices, localities and the city of Leeds to meet their respective
  • A hierarchy. We are open and transparent and not another step in decision We represent and lobby for practices and localities to make sure the voice of primary care is heard.
  • A closed shop. We welcome anyone to be involved and contribute.

What does this mean for me?

Drawing on the different strengths of our GP federations and working with local care partnerships, we aim to strengthen primary care and improve patient care.

For practices, this will mean being part of a locality where there is investment in leadership to support improvements, for example implementing the local care partnership model. It will mean that there is now a mechanism for your voice, as a provider in the city, to be listened to and represented where the key decisions for health and care are made, for example at the Health and Wellbeing Board. It will mean we can strengthen our approach to how we work with other organsations like Leeds Community Health Care NHS Trust so we don’t work in silos. It also means that the work of the Confederation, based on its principles and purpose, is designed by you. This is already happening at the engagement sessions we’re currently holding (please see below for more details).

How can I get involved?

Localities are at the heart of the Leeds GP Confederation and have primacy, as working with partners on local priorities is key to making a difference to the care of people in each area.

Each locality elects a representative – any member of the locality leadership team – to be part of the Confederation Strategic Board. This is where we can represent the views of primary care from all the localities when decisions are made for health and care in the city.

Under the Strategic Board is an Executive, who make sure that the actions agreed by the Board are carried out. You hold the Executive to account for making sure the purpose of the Leeds GP Confederation is met. All but two posts (CEO & Transformation and Improvement lead) work part time for the Confederation

Your vote matters

The chair and chief executive positions within the Executive are currently interim.  The chair will be chosen through an election, run by the LMC, and will only be open to GPs. This process is now underway, so please make sure you vote. The chief executive will then be appointed once the chair is in position.

Find out more & have your say

We’re currently working with independent researchers to hold a series of engagement events where you’ll have a chance to find out more about the Confederation, explore what challenges practices are facing and help shape the future of the Confederation by exploring how we may be able to help you meet those challenges.

Among the ideas discussed at our first sessions were

  • Creation of a citywide bank of primary care professionals to simplify the process of securing shift or vacant post cover and to save on the high cost of agencies.
  • Shared procurement of services such as cleaning, waste management and security
  • Access to specialist training opportunities, for example a potential working partnership with LCH to share specialist long term conditions training for practice nurses
  • How the Confederation could lobby the deanery to allow GP registrars to rotate at different practices as part of their training
  • How the Confederation can help remove some of the barriers faced by practices, as it has done recently to enable district nurses to do flu jabs

The ideas generated during these workshops will be used by the researchers to produce an independent report and set of recommendations for the Confederation, which will help shape the content of our first annual plan. We will share the report with your locality leadership team and through the primary care bulletin when it’s completed.

Many of you have already signed up to attend one of these events, but if you haven’t, there’s still time to get involved in the discussions – all staff in your practice are welcome!

Date / Time Location
Thursday 16 August Beeston Hill Health Centre – 123 Cemetery Rd, Leeds. LS11 8LH
Thursday 23 August Wetherby Health Centre – 42 Hallfield Ln, Wetherby. LS22 6JT
Thursday 30 August North Leeds Medical Practice – 355 Harrogate Rd, Leeds. LS17 6PZ
Thursday 13 September Fountain Medical Centre – Little Fountain St, Morley, Leeds. LS27 9EN
Friday 21 September Craven Road Medical Centre – 60 Craven Rd, Leeds. LS6 2RX
Tuesday 25 September Adwalton House Surgery – 1-3 Wakefield Rd, Drighlington, Bradford, West Yorkshire. BD11 1DH
Thursday 27 September Bellbrooke Surgery – Bellbrooke Ave, Leeds. LS9 6AU *this session only will run from 1.30pm – 4.30pm (with lunch from 1pm)

To book your place, please contact [email protected] stating which session you would like to attend, along with your name, job title, practice name and any dietary or access requirements you may have.